How do you clean my windows?

We begin by scrubbing your windows with a soft scrubber and a window cleaning solution.  Then, with the swipe of a squeegee, we remove all dirt suspended in the solution.  Next, we detail the edges with a cotton towel.  Excess solution and any loose dirt are wiped from the sill with a damp cloth.  When necessary, paint, tape, and other debris are removed carefully with a glass scraper.  Finally, you can sit back and enjoy your sparking windows.

What happens if the forecast is calling for rain?

We watch the weather very closely. We will still work if there is a slight chance of rain.

Rain on dirty windows will spot. Rain on clean windows will not leave spots. But to give you more reassurance we have a 48 hour rain guarantee.  If it rains within 48 hours of our cleaning and you see spotting, we will come back and touch up any spots you notice.  However, I think you will be surprised how clean they stay once they are washed even when it rains.

How long has All Brite been in business and are you Insured?

All Brite has been serving the area since 1995.  We are fully insured, covered by a 2 million dollar General Liability policy.  We will be happy to have our broker email you a certificate of Insurance upon request. All of our employees have 20+ years experience in window cleaning.

Do I have to worry about my floors when you clean the interior windows?

We always put covers on our shoes when we enter your house.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept checks and cash.  You will always receive a receipt for you records.

How long will it take to schedule a cleaning?

Once you receive your estimate and call us back we will schedule you as soon as possible. We are very flexible to fit into your busy schedule.

Any other questions feel free to call us at 330-477-2861 or email us today!